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i wish i could bubblewrap my heart

in case i fall, and break apart

13 February 1919
my name is cyndi.

i'm 17 years old.

ART <333

my best friend is samanatha :)

i'm painfully shy, not bitchy. (well not too bitchy..)

i get shaky hands when i'm around someone i like.

i hate most of my generation's music, and the fads are unbearable.

i want to have a job in the art field.

autumn and winter are the seasons i live for.

i'm very open-minded. :)

i love learning about other countries and their cultures.

my mind works in weird ways, but i won't let you in on that..

my favourite colour is purple and i love all it's variants.

tim burton films are absolutely amazing to me. tim burton is brilliant!

i have many irrational fears - and chances are i won't ever tell you what they are. :/

the word 'love' is tossed around way too much - so i never say it unless i mean it.

i love hugs and cuddling. random hugs are the best. :') (even though im too shy to randomly hug people unless i know how they are)